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Peace in Spirit - Connect to Your Inner Being

Welcome to the Peaceful Lifestyle Peace in Spirit page.


At Peaceful Lifestyle our belief is that we are Spiritual Beings having human experiences. When you are at peace in spirit you are at peace in life. You and your life are connected. You are one with spirit. The spirituality articles, books and lifestyles information on this site will help you to transform your human experience into an easier, more loving and enjoyable journey.


The key is to remember that you are a Spiritual Being having human experiences. You can connect yourself to your life desires and make each desire an experience in life.

There is a Spiritual Purpose and Meaning to Life

At Peaceful Lifestyle we believe that there is a higher power - God that we are connected to from within through spirit. Peace in Spirit is about relationships. One's relationship with self, with God, with others, with the environment and with one's personal life.


Understanding that there is a spiritual purpose in life will help you to achieve peace in spirit. Once you achieve peace in spirit you will experience true happiness in life.



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