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Peace at Home - Your Peaceful Retreat

Welcome to the Peaceful Lifestyle Peace at Home page.


When you are at peace within you are peace without. Creating a peaceful home enviornment is apart of living a peaceful lifestyle. At Peaceful Lifestyle™ we help you create a peaceful home environment. Our online store offers you many beautiful home decor and living items that will help you achieve a peacefule home environment.


Need personal help decorating your home? No problem, our Peaceful Lifestyle (SM) home decor specialist is available to assist you with transforming your home into your personal peaceful sanctuary. This service of Peaceful Lifestyle offers you help from an expert who is available to help you transform your home to your private peaceful sanctuary.



Peaceful Lifestyle™ Home Products Selections

The Staff at Peaceful Lifestyle carefully selects products that are suited for living the peaceful lifestyle. You will find many products through out the site as well as in our store. We also connect you to a host of websites that sells home products.


We are committed to assisting you with creating a peaceful home environment that reflects the peaceful lifestyle.



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What do people buy at the Peaceful Lifestyle™ Store after reading this article?

Chaise Lounge Chair
Bean Bag Chair

Relax in style with this magnificently attractive chaise lounge. Styled with square wood feet this chaise lounge offers straight framing with a thick seat pan and features a high curved and round end head rest with a full size loose pillow all covered with a beige fabric. Measuring 64-inches by 32-inches by 34-inches this stunning chaise lounge is the perfect room accent.

A new twist on the casual bean bag chair! The "Big Bean" chair. Hemp or Cotton outside removable and washable, unbleached cotton inside liner filled with recycled shredded new scrap foam previously destined for the garbage dump. Makes an incredibly comfortable and durable casual chair with back support so sitting is comfortably upright and high enough off the floor to easily stand up. The Big Bean is brand new and ships easily by ups because we suck the air out of it (vacuum packed) and it expands to full Big Bean size when opened. There are other novel shaped bean bag chairs out there but they are very different in style and sitting comfort - ours is the only one that lets you sit up normally with excellent back support and natural arm and shoulder position. And ours is the only environmentally friendly version in the coolest Bean style and shape.

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