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Peace of Mind - True Freedom in Life

Welcome to's Peace of Mind Tutorials.


Here you will learn how to begin the process of having peace of mind and living a peaceful lifestyle that's free from stress, worries, financial lack and misery.


Peace of mind is a state of being. It is a state of inner calmness when thoughts of fear, worry and strain disappears. It is the absence of stress and anxiety. Peace of mind is when you experience true freedom on earth.


Unfortunately, only a few achieve peace of mind.


Most people desire peace of mind but few have been taught how to achieve peace of mind.  It is possible for all human beings including yourself to experience peace of mind and freedom of earth.  The easiest way to reach a level of peace of mind is to adopt the peaceful lifestyle.  Peace of mind is the foundation of this lifestyle. Peace of mind is a part of the day to day living of a peaceful people.   


You've experienced peace of mind without consciously knowing that your mind is peaceful.  Have you experienced a time when read a book or surf the web and you're not thinking of work, family problems or your pile of bills? You didn't feel stressed out, anxious or worried. You were simply living in the moment and enjoying your time reading or sat still and relaxed after reading a book. You were experiencing peace of mind.

Peace of Mind Begins Within

Peace begins within your mind. It is then reflected in your outer environment and life circumstances.  You have to first desire peace of mind then make an effort to learn how to become peaceful.


All human beings have the same basic desires in life, to be happy, not worry or suffer.  Not many understand the cause behind the unhappiness, worrying and suffering.  Unhappiness and worrying are caused by your thoughts.  Your thoughts become things. If you allow non peaceful thoughts of lack, misery and pain to enter your mind, you will experience lack, misery and pain in your reality.

There are many benefits to mastering peace of mind. The #1 benefit is personal freedom!  Freedom from stress, worry, anxiety, fear, suffering and so much more.

Adopting a peaceful lifestyle could assist you with your goal of having a peaceful mindset and living peacefully. 




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Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind Necklace

If you suffer from stress or anxiety this peace of mind book is for you. From the beginning this book gives you a message of supreme hope. Reading this peace of mind book will teach you how to change unconscious thinking with conscious thoughts. It will show you the relationship between what you think and how you feel. The whole purpose of the book is to teach you how to feel and be more in control of the way you react. You may think, given the stress and strain of life today that peace of mind is not possible. Peace of Mind is possible if you learn how to master peace of mind.

This round, reversible peace of mind pendant features a maple leaf and reads, "when at night you cannot sleep, talk to the shepherd and stop counting sheep. if you do not find peace in yourself, you will never find it anywhere else. she could not separate success from peace of mind. the two must go together". Made by hand by Kevin N Anna Studio in California. On an 18-inch sterling silver snake chain with spring ring clasp. (Dim: 18 inches long with 7/8 inch round pendant).


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