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Free Meditation Music

Enjoy free meditation music at Peaceful Lifestyle. You will find a selection of full meditation music titles from some of the most popular meditation music artist. Our free meditation music will help you to maintain a peaceful life.

Return to this page daily in the morning and in the evening before bed time.

Find a quiet peaceful spot when listening to meditation music. Sit still and clear your mind.


Begin now and enjoy!



Listen To Free Meditation Music Now


Meditation CD's People Order For a Peaceful Lifestyle

Portable Music Players People Order For a Peaceful Lifestyle

Meditation Music
Meditation Music speaker

iPod touch is an amazing iPod. With great new applications, now iPod touch is even better. Listen to meditation music. Watch meditation videos. Watch a movie you rented from iTunes. View rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline. Open PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel attachments. With Maps, find your location and get directions from there. See where you are on a map, a satellite image, or a combination of both. Make Web Clips for your Home screen so you can visit your favorite websites in just one tap.

Music, Movies, and More
Flick through album covers and find your music. Download and watch your favorite movies, rentals, TV shows, and more from the iTunes Store. Tap into thousands of photos. All using incredible multi-touch technology on a beautiful 3.5-inch display.

If a picture says a thousand words, think of what all the album art in your collection might say. With Cover Flow on iPod touch, flick through your music to find the album you want to hear. When you do, just tap the cover to flip it over and display a track list. Another tap starts the music. Even view the lyrics while you're listening to the track.

The 3.5-inch display gives you video like you've never seen on a portable device. Watch your favorite movie or rental from the iTunes Store. Catch up on TV shows anywhere. Enjoy video podcasts. Play music videos. All using multi-touch technology. With a tap, bring up onscreen controls to play/pause and view by chapter. Turn your iPod touch to switch between widescreen or full screen.



The Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker system uses a unique combination of speaker drivers to deliver clear sound with maximum bass and minimal distortion. Its compact size and long battery life make it the ideal companion to your iPod. Plus, the system comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty.

Thanks to the Pure-Fi Anywhere's advanced acoustics, you'll experience exceptionally clear sound with maximum bass. A set of 2-inch Max-X active, high-excursion drivers delivers full, balanced audio, while 3-inch pressure drivers maximize the bass response. StereoXL technology widens the stereo image dramatically, creating an immersive audio experience.

Enjoy your music longer with a 10-hour rechargeable battery and a battery-level indicator, which eliminates surprises. An included travel case protects and stores the speakers, remote, and streamlined AC adapter. The Pure-Fi Anywhere also charges your iPod and it supports all iPod models with dock connectors--including iPod nano and iPod with video. The system also supports the 1G and 3G iPod models, and other portable music players, via the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input.

Use the included wireless remote to control your iPod and browse your content from anywhere in the room. One-touch controls on the remote allow you to enjoy instant access to shuffle and repeat functions.

Meditation Music
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