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Meditation- Rest Your Mind

Welcome to's Meditation Tutorials.


The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise. The word meditation later evolved into the more specific meaning "concentration".


Meditation is a discipline in which the mind is focused on an object of awareness or a thought.


There are millions of people who have mastered the meditation and use it as the foundation of their peaceful lifestyle experience. Meditation plays a major role in why these people are peaceful, happy beings and stress free.


People who meditate and live life peacefully are just like you. They are involved in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are not sitting on a mountain top under a tree in meditation all day. 

Just like you, they work, have families to support, have monthly bills to pay and have personal and business relationships to maintain. Yet, they do it all with a happy, peaceful attitude and have peace of mind.


How are these people able to maintain a peaceful state of mind when the majority of others are living in a world of day to day stress and chaos?


They chose peace. They use daily meditation to help maintain peace in their life. They make a conscious choice every single day to have peace of mind. They include meditation in their day to day routine.



Practice Meditation to Eliminate Stress

Meditation helps to eliminate stress, improves health, job performance and improves attitudes. Meditation also helps to make relationships stronger, helps you to grow in life and so much more.


More and more people are becoming aware aware of the many benefis that come with daily meditations. The benefits are the main reason why people are including meditating in their day to day routine. There are many personal benefits that come from taking time to meditate.


If you are new to including meditation in your life, begin with the 3 Step Process of Meditation.

The 3 Step Process of Meditation is perfect for beginners to meditation and explains the process step by step on a chart. The meditation process includes concentration, meditation and contemplation.




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Meditation Pillow
Massage Chair

The Zafu & Zabuton meditation cushion set is made of durable cotton fabric. The Zafu meditation cushion is filled will buckwheat hulls. It has a zippered opening to adjust the height and level of firmness of the Zafu. The Zabuton is filled with a 3" thick layer of cotton batting that is tufted in five places to prevent movement and bunching up of the batting. Together, the traditional Zafu and Zabuton create a soft, comfortable sitting place for meditation. The Zafu can be used for Yoga poses, too. These high quality cushions are popular with meditators all over the world and are available at a significant savings over purchasing the cushions separately. Use for meditation.

This meditation chair is for both meditation and relaxation. It has body scan technology automatically detect your body size. Thanks to the four-dimensional spinal curve adaptive Quad head technology, the massage chair is as close to human touch as possible. The advanced massage system travels an unprecedented 29" up and down your entire upper body. The major advantages of this massage chair are: full genuine leather surface (worth $700 more), 4 rollers personified mechanical massage hands in the back, more speeds and strength choices, roller width adjustment, massager in the seat, and roller massager in the calf area. The most advanced feature is the mechanical hands which are much better than the traditional rollers. Color: black. Use for meditation and at home relaxation.

Meditation Music
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eliminate stress from
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