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Free Guided Meditation

The free guided meditations are available to help beginners learn how to meditate. Following guided meditations will help you to maintain a peaceful life.

Return to this page daily and use the free guided meditation videos as tools. These meditation tools will guide you through the meditation process.

Find a quiet peaceful spot for your daily meditation. Sit still on the floor with your legs crossed or sit comfortably on a meditation chair.


Watch the video and follow the instructions from the meditation guide.



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Meditation furniture people buy after watching this video

Meditation Chair
Massage Chair

The backjack chair is a lightweight easy-to-store chair which is great for a multitude of purposes. It is soft and comfortable, but is verydurable. It is equipped with a steel zinc frame that contains foam inside a long-lasting 100% cotton duck cover. It is available in a range of colors, it has dual positions for sitting or reclining, providing your lower back support and comfort. You will find this chair great for meditation, sitting on the floor, in your yoga studio, seminars or at parks.  

Panasonic EP3222CU Real Pro Elite Massage Lounger with Body Scan Technology, Pre-Programs Shiatsu, Deep, Swedish, Stretch & Quick, Warm Gray, Power Reclining, Ottoman Up/Down Control, Program Time Indicator, Upholstery Ultra-soft Synthetic Leather; Control Panel Cover, Reclining Buttons; Ottoman Buttons; User Buttons Neck Roller Position; Programmed Operation; Self Program; Intensity Adjustment; Leg Grasp Squeeze.

Meditation Music
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